A new page has been added to our blog.  As part of our continuing effort to get information out to the public, you can now access instructions on making a referral to SSRT by clicking on the “Make a Referral” tab above.

This information has always been available by going through the portal on the college’s website.  Anyone who is a part of the college could do so.  However, parents, friends, co-workers, etc. may want to get help for someone who they know is a student at the college.  High school guidance counselors, after discussing options with their student, may want to let SSRT know that the student will be looking to make a connection once they matriculate to Montgomery County Community College.  The new student may want to contact SSRT.  Now all these people can follow these instructions and make a referral.  By adding this page we feel we have expanded our reach and provided more of an opportunity for our services to be utilized by our students.  We hope you will take a look at it and find it a positive addition.