Columbine, Aurora, Tuscon, Virginia Tech and now Newtown will forever be linked together as places where the unimaginable happened.  Even though they are places where so much good happens everyday, from now on their mention will cause people to remember that something tragic took place there.  We should also remember however, that within all that horror, positive things happened too.

Unfortunately, there are far too many other places where tragedy has also taken place leaving us to wonder, “What is becoming of our society?” and “Why would someone do such a thing?”  These and other questions will, once again, become the catalysts for opinions about gun control, mental health issues, video games, movies, television, parenting and other issues.  While our society needs to work toward preventing and trying to end such horrific events, in this space, at this time, we recognize something positive that came out of what happened.  That positive is how people helped other people.

In spite of the impression that people will not help or care about others, once again, in the face of tremendous adversity, people helped other people.  Some helped people they did not even know.

Whether it was brave teachers who only cared about keeping children safe, EMTs doing what they could to save a life, police officers trying to stop what was happening, clergy and funeral directors helping families get through it all or counselors helping people cope with the aftermath, people helped each other.

In every incident that has taken place across our great country some people performed acts of heroism and some simply provided a hug.  Regardless, the acts were between two or more people.  And each act provided some amount of solace to another human being.  Each one was a person helping another person.  People do care about other people and that is something that is very positive.

(This post written by Michael Ondo, Counselor)