The Montgomery County Teen Parent Task Force and Montgomery County Community College’s Student Support & Referral Team (SSRT) are joining forces for a third time.  On Wednesday, October 24, 2012 from 7 to 9 PM, they are offering another free “Straight Talk” seminar to the community.  The topic is “Understanding The Moods in Today’s Youth”.

According to LaRue Emmell, a long-time member and secretary of the Task Force, “teens today are under much greater stressors: bullying, sexting, emails, Facebook, etc.  With this increase of stressors, teen depression is a prevalent topic that needs to be addressed.”  She continued that, “Not only are today’s teenagers facing different problems, (but) parents, guardians and professionals who work with teenagers are in a position of needing to know how to handle different issues such as: early sexual encounters, absence of father figures, lack of self-discipline, increase in sexually transmitted diseases, to name a few.”

Attendees will hear from a variety of knowledgeable individuals and qualified professionals.  Tre Scott, the founder of Kick Teen Depression, and his mother will discuss Tre’s personal experience with depression.  Also taking part in the seminar are Abby Grasso (Social Service Liaison, Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital), Eric Smith (Executive Director, Montgomery County Teen Talk Line), and Brett Wells (Operations Director, Greater Norristown Police Athletic League).

This educational event is geared toward teenagers, parents, guardians and professionals who work with teenagers (guidance counselors, case workers, therapists, etc.).  Emmell said that the speakers will address common questions and concerns such as: I don’t know what is wrong with him/her?  She/he is so moody.  Where can I go for help for him/her?  Those attending can expect to gain a better understanding of the science behind mood swings and depression along with helpful tactics in addressing those issues among teens.

Emmell believes that “teens are the most interesting, fun-loving, fascinating population in our society and the most misunderstood.”  Teenagers are encouraged to attend because they need to know “that they are okay….and if they are not feeling okay, there is a phone number they can call or text.”  Speakers will also be suggesting helpful, practical activities for teenagers such as volunteerism as a healthy outlet.

The program will take place in the Science Center Auditorium (room 214) at the Blue Bell Campus of Montgomery County Community College and be simultaneously video-conferenced to the Pottstown Campus in room 221 of South Hall.  Attendees at Blue Bell should use the Morris Road entrance.  In Pottstown, South Hall is at 101 College Drive.  Registration at both sites begins at 6:30 PM.  In lieu of a registration fee, donations of non-perishable food items will be accepted for distribution to a local food bank.  You can register early by calling LaRue Emmell at 215-679-3086 or by email at  Please specify which campus you will attend.  One can attend even if you are not pre-registered.   Light refreshments will be provided.  For directions to either campus please visit

This post written by Kayleigh Digiacomo, Communications Student.