The College will host its first ever multi-media presentations by Motivational Media Assemblies (MMA) from 12:20 PM to 1:05 PM on Monday, March 5 in room 213 of the Science Center on the Central Campus and on Wednesday, March 7 in the Community Room in South Hall on the West Campus. The public is invited to attend these free educational events.

Using large, 11 by 43 foot, cinema-type screens, MMA will illustrate the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and distracted driving. Distractions that affect driving safely include texting, using a cell phone, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming and using other technology in a vehicle.

According to the College’s Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives, Grace Spena, MMA’s 40-minute presentation is an innovative way to provide people of all ages with cutting-edge research on the consequences of driving while under the influence and driving while distracted. Each show is designed to teach the importance of making healthy choices, understanding the risks and embracing the responsibilities of being a driver.