One of the purposes of SSRT is to provide students with resources they can take advantage of when dealing with various issues.  Since its inception, SSRT has assisted students facing a myriad of issues.  Stress, domestic issues, substance abuse, eating disorders and homelessness are just some of the things students are dealing with.  Sometimes they just need to talk to someone.  Whatever the reason, we encourage students to contact the team.

These resources are available to everyone through this blog.  At the top of this page are links to the SSRT “Community Resource Guide” and helpful webpages under the “Links” button.  Click on them and checkout the information that is provided.  They are easy to use.  You will find very helpful contact information for service agencies thorughout the county and beyond. 

Feel free to followup with any member of SSRT.  Look at the the “About SSRT” link located in the same area above.  Here you will find a list of the members of SSRT at each campus.  Anyone of these people is also a resources to assist you.  You may know some of them.  If not, you can always go to the Student Success Center at each campus and ask to speak to someone involved with SSRT or contact us via the confidential mailbox

SSRT is here to help in anyway it can.