Welcome to the first installment of the Student Support & Referral Team blog.  Recognizing that students face many challenges in and out of the classroom, the Student Support & Referral Team (SSRT) is a free and confidential referral service available to all students.  It is composed of a support team of counselors, faculty and staff   who are available to assist students. We have worked with students dealing with issues such as emotional distress, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, domestic issues, abuse, depression, grief, homelessness, potential violence and substance abuse.  Our goal is to connect students with caring professionals through College and community resources.

While all of us can usually deal with issues that we face, sometimes we need a litle extra help.  Often we just need someone who will lend an ear and listen.  By talking about things, we find ways to arrive at possible solutions.  If we need to seek professional help, we need to know how to get it.

SSRT is available and designed to help students dealing with all of the situations mentioned above and others.  Besides having counselors available to meet with students, SSRT maintains a resource guide of community agencies and also refers students to segments of the college community that could help.  Everything done by SSRT is strictly confidential and free.

During our two years of operation, we have assisted over 150 students.  Most of our referrals have come from faculty, administration and staff.  Students may also refer themselves by contacting SSRT directly through our confidential email address, StudentReferral@mc3.edu, or by visiting the Student Success Centers located in College Hall at the Blue Bell Campus or in South Hall at the Pottstown Campus.  The e-mail address can also be used by anyone feeling the need to make a referral to assist a student.  SSRT can also be reached by calling 215-641-6577 at Central and 610-718-1906 at West.

Thank you for visiting this first installment of the SSRT Blog.   In the future this space will provide current information that will hopefully be interesting, educational and pertinent to the needs of MCCC students and staff.  We welcome all comments and questions and hope that you will keep checking this space in the future.  Thanks, again!